Today, there are many methods to determine the antioxidant activity of cosmetic preparations, pharmaceutical and food. The proposed by the Institut Européen des Antioxydants based on a comprehensive set of evaluation methods antioxidant potential. The IEA is the only organization to offer all existing methods – controlled and currently recognized (DPPH, TEAC / ABTS, ORAC, FRAP, TRAP, TOSC, …) – to put at the service of industry.

Who is the IEA priority

The industries sectors :

  1. Cosmetic
  2. Food
  3. Nutraceutical
  4. Pharmaceutical

 Our services :

To characterize the products (active ingredients, plant extracts …) for better recovery, the IEA will assist you in the valuation of your different matrices (food and beverages, cosmetics and biological samples) to develop innovative preparations for various applications (food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or nutracetical). With his experience, the team of the IEA has developed its own analytical methods for:

  • The dosage, characterization and identification of the new molecules with antioxidant activity by UV-visible spectroscopy (global polyphenols (Folin-Ciocalteu), flavonoids (aluminum trichloride), specific polyphenolic markers (HPLC)).
  • Structural determination (mass spectrometry, RMN)





To improve an existing product or develop a new product, the IEA team, with its experience in formulation (food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and nutracetical) accompanies you throughout the development of the formulas, the first test laboratory until the industrialization phase.

Our database includes the main active molecules used by professionals. We recommend molecules (antioxidants) to suit your formulation and accelerating development of a more efficient manner.

  1. The tools developed in recent years allow us to give you the validation of the effectiveness and prediction of bioavailability of active molecules of the final formulation.
  2. The finality of the IEA experts is to understand the relationship between the applied method and the biological activity of bio-molecules used (emulsion, liposome, micelle …)

The activity of the IEA is to develop expertise in the characterization of potential antioxidant of active ingredients or preparations for potential applications as well as recommend antioxidant molecules suitable for the formulation of a product. There are many methods for determining the antioxidant activity of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations. The IEA offers a pool of assessment methods mastered antioxidant potential and currently recognized (DPPH, TEAC / ABTS, ORAC, FRAP, TRAP, TOSC, CL ) and on demand.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, the IEA offers a unique index PAOT “Total Antioxidant Power” being standardized in Europe.

The PAOT developed by the IEA, you will:

  • Justify with a benchmark incontestable, the claims for processed products,
  • Optimize your dose of antioxidants during product development (effectiveness, ingredient costs)
  • Make a product quality control,
  • Allow to objectively classify the different matrices by their antioxidant power,
  • Mention allegations (Health, Nutrition) on your packaging.


The IEA’s mission is to support professionals in the food industry, nutracetical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics in providing advice in the field of antioxidants and development of arguments on the formulated products (bibliographic studies, publications, patents …). To communicate effectively, you must know the rules and analyze the strategies of its main competitors. Antioxidants communication is fixed by regulation and has a strict condition that must be obeyed. Our database and our regulatory syntheses scope (food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic), allow you to take and understand the requirements and expectations of antioxidants in effect for your area activity.



The IEA proposes you to valorize your product in front of your customers.

If you want:

  • Mentioning the allegations (Health, Nutrition) on your packaging
  • Putting your products in priority at the market
  • Evaluate and validate the effectiveness of your products

If you want to know the bioavailability of your active principles (antioxidants) in your various matrices or understand their kinetic absorption across biological barriers to reach the bloodstream, the IEA puts at your disposal various tools such as cellular model CACO -2 (EX VIVO).

The tools developed in the IEA (in vitro, ex vivo), predict the performance and the absorption of the active principles (antioxidant) in vivo.


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