The PAOT® label

The PAOT Label, what is it ?

The idea is simple, create a label that will allow the customer to be sure that the product actually contains antioxidants in a sufficient amount, and are really active in the body.
In theory, this certification allows manufacturers to communicate the quality of their product compared to their competitors.

Given the consumers enthusiasm for those substances, many manufacturers do not hesitate to use antioxidants as a commercial argument. However, to date there is no regulatory framework which requires manufacturers to disclose the exact amount of antioxidant present in the product.

The approach of the European Institute of Antioxidants in creating an antioxidant charter is to inform the customer about the antioxidant content in the product he is about to buy.

The establishment of a chart on antioxidants in the food market, cosmetic or nutraceutical guarantees consumers that the product they will consume will actually bring them a benefit.

The presence of the label is a real trust proof, based on science, not marketing arguments.

The presence of our label on a product indicates that it has been scientifically tested by us and has a high amount of antioxidant, expressed in PAOT unit.

Products covered

The label supports food-related products, nutraceutical or cosmetic with, for each area, different conditions.

Graphical charter

The PAOT logo (trademark filed by the European Institute of Antioxidants) is used to establish labeling a product.
It can also be used for communication purposes, if it meets the required conditions.

Product labeling

The use of the logo to label a food or cosmetic product can prove that the product has been tested by the European Institute of Antioxidants (IEA) according to the test procedure PAOT and meets the specifications, detailed below.
The labeling is done product by product. Therefore, the test must be performed on the finished product, as sold to retailers. A test on raw materials or on a similar product does not allow the labeling of the product.

label PAOT

Communication media

The use of the logo for communication purposes is to highlight to the consumer a product range or a brand whose products are certified.
The media concerned are commercial documents of any kind, such as brochures, posters, catalogs, POS and salon equipment.