PAOT Technologies® – 2 methods

Poster IEA proPAOT Technologies® is the only method on the market to measure quickly, both the antioxidant activity and the overall oxidant activity.
It offers the possibility to analyze various substances incorporated in water, alcohol or grease, for example, which removes the problems of solubility of some antioxidants.
The PAOT Technologies® requires no extraction (non-destructive, non-invasive), or solubilizing, thereby avoiding any loss of antioxidant molecules.
It is more accurate and more sensitive because it measures the total antioxidant molecules present in the extract, unlike other tests.
Indeed, they do not take into account the nature, the specificity of antioxidants and the solvent / extract interaction.

PAOT® will offer a highly attractive alternative to current assay methods.


The PAOT Technologies® is divided in two methods :

  • PAOT Liquid® Technology is a device that measures the total antioxidant activity of various products such as raw materials and processed food products, cosmetics and medicinal preparations, biological fluids or extracts. The measurement is made in a liquid medium, by dissolving the product in a reaction medium, and direct determination of its activity in solution.

  • PAOT Skin® Technology is a device that measures the total oxidants activity of biological tissues such as skin and plants. The PAOT Skin Technology® allows measuring directly in the fabric surface, through contact electrodes (identical to those used in cardiology). The implementation of this area sensor is intended ultimately for medical applications (eg dermatology at first) and detection of plant operating potential containing antioxidants.

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