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Scientific Committee of the IEA

The scientific committee of the IEA is composed of researchers within all disciplines likely to be interested in the themes addressed by the European Institute of Antioxidants (IEA) and who bring their scientific guarantee.
It is placed to the President of the Institute, is consulted by him on research programs and scientific aspects of technology development programs implemented by the European Institute of Antioxidants (IEA).
The scientific committee gives its opinion on the overall consistency of the programs and the priorities to be given to proposals. It periodically evaluates the results.
The Scientific Committee shall be convened by its Chairman, possibly at the request of the President of the IEA.


President of the scientific comittee :

  • Pr. Stéphane DESOBRY : ENSAIA Professor/ Director of the Ecole Doctorale 410 RP2E – food conservation


  • Pr. Michel LINDER : Director of the laboratoire d’Ingénierie des biomolécules (LIBio) – Physico-chimie des lipides ; nano-vectorisation
  • Pr. Joël SCHER : ENSAIA Professor / President of the Acia Technologie – Food powders rheologie
  • Pr. ARAB-TEHRANY Elmira : ENSAIA Professor – soft nanoparticles (liposome, émulsion) biomaterials
  • Pr. Gilbert HENRY-CRUSSOL : President of the Institut Antoine Béchampe, Ex-Intern Harvard Forsyth Center Boston (USA). Member of the l’International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
  • Pr. Atsuo YANAGISAWA : President of the société Internationale de Médecine Ortho moléculaire (ISOM)  Japanese professor and doctor. President of the Japanese College of IV Therapy
  • Pr. Joël PINCEMAIL : Researcher CHU de Liège – Expert Stress, oxidant and antioxidant
  • Dr. Sylvie BANON : Lecturer /université de Lorraine – Dairy powders
  • Dr. Florentin MICHAUX : Lecturer /université de Lorraine – Physical chemistry
  • Dr. Jordane JASNIEWSKI : Lecturer /université de Lorraine – Chemistry and food physical chemistry
  • Dr. Lionel MUNIGLIA : Lecturer /université de Lorraine – Functionalization
  • Dr. Jeremy PETIT : Lecturer /université de Lorraine – Physical chemistry and Food Process Engineering

  • Dr. Mounir TAREK : Research Director CNRS – Theory, modeling and simulation
  • Dr. Ilyes BAGHLY : President of the SANMO – Doctor
  • Dr. Claire KEVERS : Manager of the Centre de développement de l’invitro (CEDVIT) – université de Liège
  • Dr. Laura SANCHEZ-GONZALEZ : Lecturer Université de Lorraine  – Biomaterials, Encapsulation
  • Pr. Rachid SOULIMANI : Université de Lorraine Professor – expertise in Phytochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry