Who is the IEA, Institut Européen des Antioxydants?

The IEA is an analysis, expert and consulting antioxidants platform to respond to any request in the field of antioxidants from the cosmetic industry, food, food supplements and pharmacology.

Relying on experts in the sector, the platform develops a standardized method and an operating model analytical data to define a scale of antioxidant power, objective and easy to use. Thus, IEA will make available professional analytical tool and a unique expertise in Europe.

Our Team, Institut Européen des Antioxydants :

Smail Meziane, Co-Director of IEA et co-founder

With his doctorate in Biotechnology and Food Processes (INPL-ENSAIA) and his Masters in Food Engineering (University of Haute Alsace), Smail Meziane gives the support for the IEA. His qualities as a researcher in conjunction with the Faculty of Medicine of Nancy and Biomolecular Engineering Laboratory (LIBio) from the University of Lorraine allow him to be competent in the procedures applied by the IEA about antioxidants. His work force and his vision will be essential qualities for the development of the IEA.

Stéphane Desobry, Co-Director  of IEA et co-founder

Stéphane Desobry is professor in the Laboratory of Biomolecular Engineering (LIBio – ENSAIA – University of Lorraine). He specializes in the stabilization and preservation of food. This activity led him to study the antioxidant activity of many biomolecules of physic-chemical point of view.
He served as laboratory director and vice-president in charge of overseas university. He is now president of the center of excellence in Science and Technology Life FABELOR (Ministry of Agriculture, food and fisheries). This division includes the activities related to biological sciences in Lorraine in the sectors covered by the Ministry of Agriculture. FABELOR brings together 400 researchers in the fields of forestry, food, water and the environment.
He is an expert with the ANR for evaluating national research projects and FP7-SME Expert in Brussels for the evaluation of European projects of the 7th Framework research and development program since 2011.
Finally, he was winner of the national competition for the creation of innovative enterprises (category creation Development) in 2007 -. Genialis Enterprise (PME active in Bourges). He did a period of research postdoctoral in the USA (University of Minnesota), as part of a delegation sustained by OTAN in 1996.


smail  desobry
Smail Meziane and Stephane Desobry (left to right)



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