Internship – Dosage methods of the antioxidant power optimization

The European Insitute of Antioxidants (IEA), chaired by Dr. Smail MEZIANE (from LIBio), is a platform of expertise, advice and analysis of the antioxidants that aim to answer any demand in the domain of antioxidants from the industries of cosmetology, food and food supplements.
Relying on experts, the platform developed a normalized method and an exploitation model of the analytics datas, in order to define a scale of antioxidant power objective and easy to use. So, the IEA will make available for the professionals an analytic tool and an unique expertise in Europe.

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Assignment :

Dosage methods of the antioxidant power optimization from the dietary, pharmaceutic and cosmetic matrix.

Basic steps of the project :

  • Listing of the evaluation of antioxidant power methods
    • State of the Art
    • Optimization

Profile of candidates :

Bio/chemist or biologist by training, knowledges in extraction, antioxidants tests.

  • Creativity, organization, conviction and rigour capacities
  • Social skills
  • Strong taste for the laboratory research

Duration and place of the internship :

From 2 to 6 month, as soon as possible in Nancy (ENSAIS – LIBio of the Université de Lorraine / France)

How to apply :

LIBio-Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Biomolécules
2, avenue de la Forêt de Haye, TSA 40602
54518, Vandoeuvre
Name of the contact : Dr. Smail MEZIANI